21 January 2005

Today's life.

Today's the 1st day of HariRaya Haji holiday. I wake up around 10 am. Ystrdy I slp quite late..... :
Today went to tuition around afternoon. Today everyone was in casual wear 'coz most schools have holiday. A good lesson though, Physic and AddMath.

After tuition, I went to Jusco with my family. Saw Jusco's selling Adidas Predator Pulse boots CHEAPLY.... Less than RM90(normal price is RM179) per boot. Unfortunenatly.... it doesnt have my size..... so I didnt buy it. :
Anyway this is the Predator Pulse I was talking about.

On my way home, I composed Croatian Rhapsody ringtone using my hp. It's cool.... my 1st ringtone ever composed. :D

I had a light meal after that, 'coz I'm going for a night swim soon.

It's been awhile since I swim in the club.... 1 or 2 years alrdy. :Getting into the water's feeling was so good..... 'coz recently it's very hot in KL. :I still know how to swim although my sis says I've forgotten how to swim. Meh.... she losses to me when I compete with her. :D

I was annoyed by ThWi, KmHi and EeJn's childish act in their MSN.... but the craziness even affected CW.... :
I might blog something more interesting later on, if I could find any funny things.

MatM: Requiem For A Dream.

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