02 January 2005

School reopens tomorrow.

Somehow, I'm anxious for going back to school tomorrow morning.

I dunno it's joy, or suffering. It's been 2 months I had my holiday, and I just cant change my lifestyle so fast.... :
I guarentee, this will be one of the busiest year in school. I'll be more active in school activities, 'cause this year Form 4, we're in charge of most clubs and societies matters.

Currently I'm in my school's Students Union, but I think I might join afew more, that is Geo club and School Magazine Comittee.

Oh well, it looks everything's going fine right now, I hope tomorrow will be a nice day. :D

P/S: Heheh, I wonders can I be the class monitor one more year? I've been sort of addicted to this job since I was in Form 2. :P

MotM: Not playing any music right now. :\

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