03 January 2005

A new start in school.

Today my parents fetch me to school earlier than usual.... 'coz they say scare of traffic jam. It's good to meet with fellow friends again at school. :D

Some changed alot, I dont even recconize them alrdy lol.

I end up in 4S3, one of the 5 Sc classes in F4. There's 5 more Ec class and 1 more At class. (Note: Sc = Science, Ec = Economic, At = Art.)

MY class.... ends up with afew my old classmates, from my F1 classmate 'til F3 classmate. There's still some I dunno them, but I think we'll get together along very easily.

I've been selected as the asst. monitor.... My friend JuShua was selected as the monitor. Heh, now I can take it easier than my last few years, which I do almost everything as a monitor. :D

Most of my friends are in Sc class. YK, KY, CW and Sow CM are in the same class lol. And in Sc class there's many experts.... so it's hard to get the first few places in the class. :
The new teachers in my class seems to be quite ok... Hopefully they wont freaks me out alot lol.

This is a whole new challenge now, I'll need to face with alot of prob. Mostly are about homework and society. I promised myself to pay more attention in my studies and my homework, and for enjoying and playing, it'll be the second thought. For now, I'm fine. ;)

MotM: Take Me To Your Heart - Michael Learns To Rock.

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