30 January 2005

ChongHwa's Chinese Orchestra

Tonight I went to MTC(Malaysia Tourism Center) to watch the performance of our school's chinese orchestra. I went there with my sis, and CW.

The attendance are still acceptable... I guess. Lots of F5'ers, but only afew F4'ers. I met Hilmi, KaiPing, TW, DX and DJ there. At least I still have friends over there. :D

I've 5 friends are performing on the stage.... Fong, XinYing, Felix, ??(Sorry but I forgot this dude's name but he ROCKS!!! ^__^") and CheahYin. The performance was satisfying... my sis keeps on complain this and that.... sigh..... Here's some pics I took at the performance there.

Chinese Orchestra 1

Chinese Orchestra 2

Chinese Orchestra 3

Chinese Orchestra 4

Hilmi join us when we're going back. We joked alot.... it's kinda fun to have some body like Hilmi to entertain us. :P

Oh well.... I do hope Chinese Orchestra can improve... esp in their songs, which repeated many times alrdy. It'll be nice if they could play "I Love ChongHwa" at the end of the show. XD

Listening: Record of the Chinese Orchestra.

P/S: If you're interested with the recording of the performance, you can ask it from me. I'll be gladly to share it. :P

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