11 January 2005

2005 first day @ Suria

Aikz..... most of my classmates from Suria dunno go where alrdy.... all dissappear lol.....

Still got a little ppl I know over there.... and today's class are ok lar.... Eng, BM and Sej.

Eng teacher Ruban...... not as good as I expected. My F3 teacher is far more better than him. :
BM teacher looks ok, fine, got sense of humour. Better than last year that Firdaus lol.

Sej one.... Mr Jaya..... looks young but very energetic when comes in teaching. His sound can tune from high to low very fast.... amazing.... He say he only have 5 yrs experience of teaching Sej, and I highly doubt his standard if compare to Mr Chandran, my current Sej teacher in school. But still, Mr Jaya are quite ok lar....

MotM: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - Maksim.

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