20 December 2004

WTF...... Vikings' network prob again.....

Vikings is my main com, and it's getting unstable nowdays.
This time, is the network prob....

I was watching video on Vikings, then suddently my house' electricity tripped, and the electricity went back few secs later. So I've to restart my com due that electricity disturbance.

After the com is rebooted, my com arent look like normal. Some programs crashed..... and the worst is....I CANT EVEN CONNECT TO THE NET!!!!!!!!!!

It keeps on saying remote computer are disabled..... but then everything including the cables are connencted normally. Oh damn..... I tried many times to reconnect but it's still not working.

Oh well, I hope everyhing goes fine.... tonight my father gonna bring me to the com shop to repair it.

Btw, I'm posting using another com..... luckily I got 2 coms, or else I'll be DEAT MEAT!!!

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