30 December 2004

The teacher that I admires. (All-time)

Yep, this is a blog post I written dedicated for those teachers educated me for so long time, it might be my past teacher, and it might be my current teacher, too.


The first teacher I'd like to introduce is Mr. Goh CH, the owner and principal of Suria tuition centre, which is a very famous tuition centre in my school and other areas. He thought me Geo and Science from Form 1 'til Form 3, that is 3 years time.

I really admire and respect him as a teacher, he's an excellent educator. He can be humour during the class, and be very serious too. He always thought us facts of life, and some other useful tips for ourselves during our daily life althought it didnt even related to his job as a teacher.

Although he's only a tuition teacher, but I like his style soo much!! I'd like to thank him, 'coz without him, I wont be the highest scorer for Geo, and my Sc wont get such good mark from all the time. ;)


The second teacher I'll like to talk about is Mr Lawrence Hwa, the teacher of the camp I attended few days ago. It's very strange his main job isnt a teacher, but he's a person who works as insurance agent.

I admire him very much, 'coz he's knowledge are far more than those teachers in the school, and he can be serious and humour too, depends on the situation. I admire him for his knowledge and wisdom... 'coz he's just an part-time educator..... but possesses lots of facts of life and knowledge.


The third teacher I'll like to mention is Mdm. Tan SL, my Eng teacher for year 2004. She knows my sis too, 'coz my sis also thought by her before. She has a good image with both of us, and I simply become one of her fav student. :P

There's some reasons why my Eng improved so much this year, one of the main reason is b'coz influence by Mdm Tan. I began to speak Eng more often this year, and my writting skill improved alot since last year(2003). She has similiarity with Mr Goh too, mainly is b'coz she can be humour and serious, and she teaches very well. She enjoys teaching, although sometimes we might make her terribily angry. :S

The last teacher I'd like to talk about is my primary school tuition teacher, Mr Sazali. He's an experienced B.Melayu teacher, and he's been teaching my elder sis, and my second sis before too, before teaching me years ago.

He has a great sense of humour, really, he likes to make example of his students, and it's harmless but very funny!!

Under his guide, I manage to get A for both my BM subject in UPSR..... the final exam for primary school. I'm really thankful towards him, and I felt ashame 'coz I didnt get A for my BM in this PMR. :(


That's all for now. I wont forget those teachers, 'coz without them, I wont be as smart as I am right now... hehehe......

jk, it's a silly joke. :

MotM: V3 - BeutifulDay, O2Jam. (Yet another my fav song from O2J!!! :D)

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