03 December 2004

My lucky number...... 3

You Are the Achiever


You're confident and competent - with a lot of energy.

Eager to reach your goals, you are aambitious and competitive.

You are good at movtivating yourself and motivating others.

You're also a charmer, with a great sense of humor.

Heh, when I'm doing the survey I keepz on thinking the number 3, well in the end that's my answer LOL!! XD

When I was in primary standard 3, I've met with most of my friends, like Gerard, YeeKai, KaiNeng and others. The first time we all in the same class.

Form 3, which is this year. I had a great experience this year, for being the class monitor and joined Students Union. I learn alot this year and I've knew many ppl, which we easily become best friends like Kenyi and Jack.

Not to mention, I've learnt lots of experience too....

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