03 December 2004

Maksim's autograph session in KLCC

This evening I went there with Jack, Sow CM, Yao Hern and KenJon. We went there earlier as we planned.... we reach there around 5.20pm. KJ left us 'coz he's having some other things to do.

We had our dinner @ KFC, which is quite near to Tower Records, where Maksim's having his autograph session.

It was about 6pm when I'm line in the que..... and there's some other ppl waiting at there alrdy. It was 1 hour earlier.... and there's so much ppl standing there waiting alrdy..... :
I stand there doing nothing other than listening to my mp3 player.... while the other friends went to a nearby bookshop.

It was 7.07pm... (my watch) when Maksim arrivez. The crowd goes crazy!! Especially the girls..... Luckily I put on my earphones, else my ears will be deaf 'coz of those girls screaming. :P

The line move quite fast.... I manage to shot a few pics of him... though not that clear. The session ended 7.30pm.... which is 30 mins earlier than it's planned.

Sorry for my friends that's waiting aside.... LOL..... (^__^")

This is the autograph I get. :D

Maksim: Variations

I'm the one in black jersey... standing right side of the pic... holding the camera.... :P

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  1. How dare u break my heart again with using that photos!!!