05 December 2004

Maksim Showcase Live In Genting

My father get us to Genting from his office in PJ around 6pm. Too bad my father chose the wrong road.... he's trying to get to Genting by Gombak highway..... but it was jammed badly. :
We decided to go up there by Genting Skyway..... and that time is about 7.15pm when we rides on the Skyway. We rush to the Arena of Stars and arrive there 8pm sharp. Luckily the show havent started yet..... but the arena was pack with ppl..... Too bad I came late, so I can only site on the right side of the arena, which is not clear enough to see Maksim himself. :
Around 8.20pm, the show begins..... After afew words from the mc lady, the Croatian pianist shows up. The crowd goes WILD!!!! I dare not to shout or scream like others 'coz my parents are besidez me LOL..... Btw he's very tall.... 200cm.... O_O

The pianist starts the showcase with his Variations Part I & II single Kolibre.... which is alrdy make the crowd goes wild! His hand was amazing fast....

After Kolibre, he starts with Amazonic, and following with Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. Heh.... Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence was one of my fav pieces of him.... :D

Maksim continues his playing with Bohemian Rhapsody. Then the show pause for awhile. Later after that, Maksim continues the show with his first album "The Piano Player"'s single, Flight Of The Bumble Bee. The crowd goes crazy 'coz they didnt expect him to play this song.... since he's promoting his 2nd album. Anyway the song went very well, yet another great piece of Maksim.

The show ends with the final song, which is Maksim himself's favourite..... Totentanz. Heh, I like this song too, the tune is abit freaky yet very nice!! The crowd loves it!!! SO as me!! XD

Too bad the showcase ends in 30 mins time.... and my recording of the full showcase are not clear at all!! :(

Oh well...... he's incredible!!! :D

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