25 November 2004

What a busy day....

I woke up 6.15am today, going to Subang airport take my new passport. :D
I make it few days ago, same place. It's quite fast 'coz I always thought making passport will take quite some time. After I took my passport, I went to my father's office near Petaling Jaya.

I had my breakfast there, nasi lemak + teh. Quite delicious, then later I head on to my father's office. Surf the net awhile then leave the office. Head back buy my lunch then go home.

Evening help out my father's friend with his house aquarium cleaning.... took few hours to finish it 'coz the guy responssible for it doesnt show up lately. After I had my early dinner, I surf the net awhile then I felt asleep 'coz I didnt rest for the whole day.

After that, I'm sitting in front of my computer typing this blog msg. :D

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