19 November 2004

Visited afew Singaporean blogs...

I've read a part my senior's blog today and I found afew links for 2 Singaporean girls blog.


This is my opinion...... those girls are ruuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! ¬_¬
Especially XiaXue that one. She thinks she's no1? She's stinks!! She think she's that popular? Being appear on tv and radio is that a fact to let you feel so proud? Well maybe it is but her attitude was lowest class of all. ¬_¬

I wonders what on Earth is happening? Singapore is a nice country, but too bad Singaporeans dont have any manners at all!! No wonder many Malaysians dislike Singaporeans....... But anyway not ALL Singaporeans is that bad, maybe I didnt meet with too much outsiders.... so I know less about it.

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