10 November 2004

This year...... 2004

2004 is coming to the end.... very soon. It's been a great year for me, becoming the monitor of my class, and joint Students Union, although facing PMR. I've met with some of new friends and old friends too. I'll list out some of them out there..... (due to protect their privacy, I decide to use their nickname here.)

  • Kenyi, a computer expert in my school. Loves graphic design and programming. A very nice guy and quite tall among us. Likes basketball.

  • Jacky, actually I knew him since Form 1, but seldom talk to him. This year we become best friends very fast. He's favourite sport is badminton, and dreams to be a professional player. Sometimes he thinks things in negative and humble way.

  • Vincent, a baby-face-looking guy, knew him this year due various reason. Very active in societies and clubs, and he's been quite popular among his friends. Sometimes I cant tolerate his attitude, abit chilidish + girlish in my opinion. But anyway he's a nice guy after all.... but talks alot sometimes.

  • CrazyBoy, I knew him since last year, but seldom talk with him. This year we're in same class during tuition, so I had my chance to get know to this crazy fella. He's a happy-man, always laugh and smile........ towards other's weakness. He's expert in Math, can even solve question faster than teacher does LOL. Sometimes he's anit proud of his achivement, but in the end he's a good friend.

  • Chenneniah Jonathan, I knew him since last year but seldom talk to him. He's a nice-going friend, likes to help others and dare to sacrifice himself to help others. Travels alot, and dare to miss-school even in crucial momment. Caring towards others too.

  • Cleverjossh, I knew him since I was in Form 1, we're in the same class that year. He's a smart guy, and both of us likes football very much. That's why we always play football together but too bad nowdays the weather are really bad and we cant play so often. :(

  • IceBreaker, one of my primary schoolmates that still in the same school with me. I've been in the same class with him for years and he'd change very much. He's a quiet person, that take action with not a word. Kinda cool. :P

  • EGTan, knew him this year. He's elder then myself althought we're in Form 3 too. He's a great photographer, and likes basketball alot.

  • Zeldous, knew him this year. An active guy among us, likes to joke around and chat with friends. He's good, and I really looking foward him to become the next president of our society. :D

  • Zerosin, knew him this year. Although he's a malay, but he can speak various languages very well. He's a king of joker, really.... jokes alot and make fun of people. A natural-entertainer. A cyber-cafe-worm too.

  • Sleeping Sheep, knew her since last year, but didnt talk much. This year, I'm getting know her better. She's a nice girl, very active and are the ace among her friends. Sometimes she's quite naughty too, bully other boys. :P

  • Gigi, I knew her since Form 1. She's a prefect, but a nice one. She's smart, talented. She's the no.1 in my class and the way the talks are very interesting. But in the end, she ends up bullied by me all the time. :P
That's my own opinion about my friends. Hopefully no one was offended by it. ^___^"
If I've forget a few names, please forgive me 'cause the time is quite late when I'm typing this post. X___X


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