07 November 2004

First note

I just finish my lunch when I typing this msg. Quite full, thx to my mom's "otak-otak". :D

I was awaken by a call today, then start my life as usual, on computer. Too bad I cant use my main computer "Vikings" because I've sent it to reformat, when it's back I can start from 0 again.

I've manage to practise afew keys of my favourite songs, "V3", "Not So Far Away", "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence", "The Phantom Of Opera"....etc. Quite exciting since I've stop learn piano years ago. Luckily I still know how to hit the piano!! :D

Other then online and listening to my fav songs, I've nothing much to do with this my father's computer. Played some old games like Age Of Empires II and Megaman X4, ends up lagging the computer. Hopefully my father doesnt aware it. :P

I'll try to update this blog as often as I can, so stay tune!! ;)

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