23 November 2004

Argh.... Joy -> Suffer

Ystrdy I went to my 3rd uncle's house in Damansara there, he just shift house from Kelana Jaya. So my family went there for house warming. The dinner was fantastic! I ate alot of chicken curry, since it's my fav, mee, and 2 slice of pizzas. I'm very full, and I'm glad that I can meet with my other relatives such as my grandparents there.

But.... when I return home, I felt something wrong with my stomach. I rush to the toilet and relief myself...... (^__^"). That night, I cant sleep well 'coz continuous stomach-ache. After I had some medicine, I felt better, but it havent over yet.
When I'm awake today morning, things arent that good.... my mom told me not to eat anything, other than cereal drinks..... so today I didnt eat anything..... other than drinking cereals.

Oh well, tomorrow I'm going to make my passport, hopefully tomorrow I'll be ok....

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