19 August 2011

Summer 2011 Part III: From Shinagawa to Roppongi by foot

Shinagawa (品川) is a port-side district located at the south of Tokyo. Unlike other districts of Tokyo, Shinagawa mainly houses cooperate buildings and industrial factories rather than fancy shopping malls. Besides, Shinagawa is very close to the Tokyo International Airport Haneda, just 30 mins away by train. This definitely save lots of time as the other major airport, Narita airport is located further away from Tokyo.

Usually I only pass-by Shinagawa to transfer train to Haneda airport, but I've decided to explore this site of Tokyo as it's the total opposite side on the Yamanote line loop. Many of my friends came here specifically to settle visa or re-entry permit at the Tokyo Immigration Office which also located at Shinagawa.

This time of exploration tagging along with me is Jia Yi. We met around afternoon at the Shinagawa station and first task is to fill up our stomach with some food before we start the journey.
Spotted this Italian restaurant with lunch menu set, decided to give it a try.
Appetizer, buttered bread served with mushrooms, salmon and tomato. Just nice for two.
Main dish, beef's cheek rice. Although not really a beef lover, but I find it very delicious, especially the beef's meat is very soft. Try to pinch your own cheek and you'll understand why I say so lol.
The real journey on foot starts shortly after that, at first randomly walk around the station checking out some cooperate buildings nearby.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Upon closer inspection we noticed that this building is rather new, as they started to utilize it during earlier this year. Anyway, this can be said as the homeland of Sony PlayStations and PSP games I supposed?
Not far away is the HQ of Sony itself. It's solely cooperate office building so don't have any fancy stuffs inside to display. My impression is that the interior is designed to look like inside an airport terminal, especially the benches look totally like those found in the departure gate.
(sorry on pics as it's prohibited to take photos inside)
Nearby Sony HQ is NTT Docomo's cooperate building. NTT Docomo must be damn rich as they own another skyscraper at Yoyogi. But this is not their HQ though.
Shinagawa is actually not that far from Tokyo Tower, at least that's how it appears to be as we can see the tower standing not that far away from us. However, it took us close to an hour to reach the town of Mita (三田), a rather less-bustle city just like many east-side districts in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower is just standing in front of us.

Instead of heading towards Tokyo Tower, we paid visit to Keio University's Mita campus, which smartly integrated into the Mita township. Almost exactly a year ago I discovered this place with fellow Malaysian friends too.

Chilling inside the campus with some drinks. Best thing to do after walking under blazing sun heh.

Continue our walk....

Noticed that the top of Tokyo Tower is slightly bent? They said it's caused by the 3.11 earthquake. But seems like the slight bent doesn't affect the antenna of the tower.

Upon consulting the map, found that Roppongi (六本木) isn't that far away, walkable distance within 30 mins. Then, start walking again.

On the way we've spotted countless Mercedes Benz S classes passes through while walking along the way. It was feast for the eyes as both of us are avid car fans. Besides S classes we've seen quite some varieties of Japanese and Western top cars lurking around, which we conclude that Roppongi area is really meant for those rich guys.

The landmark of Roppongi, the Mori Tower of Roppongi Hills.


Well we just simply enjoy the views of Roppongi Hills as after all, it's not really a place we can afford to spend lol. Anyway I've managed to get a new pair of shoes there.

Adidas AdiZero Bounce!

Dinner was at Tokyo Midtown which is not far away from Roppongi Hills. Midtown is another tall building structure similar to Roppongi Hills.

Trying out beer from the northern state of Hokkaido.

Fabulous sushi from Hokkaido. Sea urchin (uni), Salmon roe (ikura) and Crab essence (kani miso).

Another satisfying exploration by foot in Tokyo yeah..... But there're still places that I haven't been to before in Tokyo. Will continue my journey of discovery again in downtown Tokyo during another time, hopefully when the weather isn't that hot. ^^

P/S: Am writing this post back home in Malaysia~~ :)

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