25 September 2005

Exam summary

Well, I've 5 more papers to go, before I can really relax and enjoy myself.

Today suppose to be holiday, but we had replacement class for last month's haze holiday. Arghh.... I had not enough time to rest at all!!! :(

Ystrdy night I study Moral until I'm numb with it alrdy. Had to memorize all those "moral values" with it's definitions. Memorize those words reminds me of my days back in primary school, when we had to memorize an essay and re-write it.

This morning at school I had no mood to entertain anyone. Toh Wai had a piece of me 'coz he taunted me. I was not in the mood and he triggers the wick. Luckily I get my emotion controlled so it wont affect my exam.

I have no feeling bout moral paper. Just scribbles on the paper while taking my time to think relevant answer for the question. I had good feeling that this time I'll do better than last time.

After moral paper, it was a big relief for me. Only one more tough paper to go, Chem on nxt Wednesday. For now.... I can enjoy a little. :)

Bio paper is one of the easiestI think, if there's no mistakes I might get A for it. ;)

Computer paper, bout HTML. Right now I know I've done mistake for 3 questions.... but anyway stil got chance get A. XD

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